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Can't run autorun in Medal Of Honor

Hey, I'm trying to install Medal of Honor, and when I put in the disc it comes up w/ the autorun option... I click it and NOTHING happens. I explored the disc and tried running the autorun file inside, and it gave me the spinning circle for less than 1/2 a second. I cannot believe it's already failing me... I really don't know what to do here. ANY help is appreciated.
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    I'm guessing it's a bad copy. Try copy all the file in the disc and place it in a folder in your pc and use that to install
  2. nope... its not a steam game... I tried doing what venjhammet said, and now the auto run has an icon, and it looks like its gonna run, and there's an autorun exe taking up 25% of my cpu.... really weird :/
  3. Okay, after a reboot and getting an autorun.exe off the net I managed to get it working... I really shouldn't have had to do that...
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