File sharing between Windows 7 laptop and Windows NT Server 4.0 machine

I am trying to connect my Windows 7 laptop with a computer running Windows NT Server 4.0 through a 8 port hub using network cables for file sharing.
I changed the IP address, subnet mask of my laptop to suit the IP address of the NT machine and could ping the computer from laptop and vice-versa.
But when I try doing 'Run' -> \\(IP address of computer with NT) it asks me enter a Network password and it does not accept any User id or password.
I tried various solutions going through various forums like
1. Truning the firewall off
2. NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled
3. Creating a user account in the computer with NT with a same user id as the one on laptop with Windows 7
4. Logging in both the systems as administrator and without a password.
Nothing works out. Can I get any help with this issue?!
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  1. NT 4 does not support NTLM V2 authentication, only NTLM V1. The older version is vulnerable to various attacks, and by default its use has been disabled under Windows 7. This might be your problem.

    This may help:
  2. Hello sminlal

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't find Local Policies to change the security options on my laptop with Windows 7
  3. Are you able to run the Microsoft Management Console? (Start -> type "MMC" -> "Enter'). Some of the lower versions of Windows 7 may not include it.

    If you can, use "File -> Add/Remove Snap-in" to add the Group Policy Object editor" - that should let you modify the local policies.
  4. Hi again,
    I can run MMC from Start. In Add/Remove Snap-in I don't see Group Policy Object editor. Are 'IP Security Policy Manager' and 'Local Users & Groups' any related.
  5. My laptop has MMC 6.0 version and there are no previous versions available to restore.
  6. I'm guessing your version of Windows doesn't include the Group Policy Editor. An alternative is to edit the appropriate Registry key - here's a page that describes the key and its settings. It looks to me like you need to try the "2" value:
  7. I could solve this by changing some settings:
    For windows 7
    Goto Control Panel ->Network and Internet ->Network and Sharing Centre
    Click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings on the left hand pane
    Turn On Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing, Public Folder Sharing
    Turn off Password Protected Sharing.

    This will allow other machines to access this machine with Windows 7 and also make sure the firewall is turned off.
  8. The same problem Iam facing with my desktop (win'7) with win nt 4 server few days back. Before that both have no access problem. I doubt any malware problem. But I could not solve it yet.
  9. Connectivity worked from W2003 server but not from Win7

    The fix for Win7 connectivity is:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings
    Enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56-bit encryption

    This resolved the issue…

    Client spent 4+ hours on this yesterday. Fixed it in 5 minutes.
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