Asus CUSL2 and Ram?

I am upgrading a budget PC used for surfing and email.
I would like to use an ASUS CUSL2 815 mobo. Here is my question. Can I use one of the newer 600-700 Mhz Celerons on that board? (I know the faster Celeron has an extremely high clock multiplier, my old board mult tops out at like 6x...) Also, let say I use a 700 Mhz Celeron on that board, can I also use my existing 160 Megs of PC-66 SDRAM on it?? All the stuff I see on it says PC-100/133 support, doesn't say anything about PC-66, but it does say is supports the Celerons....

Any feedback welcomed!

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  1. I build my first computer with the CUSL2 using a PIII 733 coppermine, so I would think that any Celeron would work but the P3-733 is getting cheaper and you get full use of the processor. Everything on the MB is automatic on the first boot, it autodetected the Processor and the Ram and configured it all by itself, very slick. Check out ASUS web site for updated information.
    Looking at my manual they do mention a 66/100/33 setting and I believe the first number is for the bus speed and they also mention if there are problems the computer will boot using a 66 mhz bus speed for troubleshooting.
    If interested I will forward you a email from TigerDirect which has a special of PC-133/128megs for $60.00 Which is cheappppp or you can just go to and see if you can locate the promo.

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