A7V's UDMA/100 CD-ROM problem

I have another problem when using UDMA/100 connector which has to do with recognizing CD-ROM drive. Windows 2000 Professional is installed on a hard drive. If the both the hard drive and CD-ROM are connected to the UDMA/66 controller, CD-ROM is recognized by the OS. Same for both devices being connected to the UDMA/100. But Promise's BIOS does not seem to support bootable CD-ROM, so it would make sense to leave it on UDMA/66 and have hard drive on UDMA/100 for better performance. No go: OS does not see CD-ROM in this configuration, even though it seems to recognize presence of the "standard" UDMA/66 controller. Any suggestions
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  1. I have had some similar problems with this. I currently have a T-Bird 800 with a 30gig IBM and a 20 gig Maxtor on the ATA 100 side. On the 66 side I have an Aopen dvd/cd/rw combo drive and a regular 24X cd rom. I was unable to use the F: drive sometimes. I finally downloaded 1004C bios and flashed. I got the latest Promise controllers - 16025U or so. Both hard drives run fine now and no problems with CD's. However, I noticed the Promise drivers were using long file extensions that Win SE did not like. You should not have this problem with Win 2000. After running scan disk, everything appears to be stable with the exception of some bugs in the new Explorer 5.5. I think that the manufacturers will have to catch up to the A7V with the Promise controller. I see they now have a 1004D bios available. I don't think Promise controller likes CD-roms connected to it. Good luck. I have had a lot of trouble with this set-up, but now it is an unbeatable combination!
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