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Friends, I played mass effect 2 in win7 32bit os and saved my play files in my hard disk. I plan to shift to win764 bit

os .So can I play mass effect 2 in 64bit os using my save games? Also can you tell me whether games like

ME2 ,Just cause 2, split second, and upcoming games run well on 64bit os or is it better to have 32bit os for

problem free gameplay? And i have only 2gb ram will the 64 bit os will be very slow for normal desktop browsing and

gaming? I plan to upgrade my ram to 4gb within a few months so which is better 32bit os or 64bt os? How about

software in 64bit os?
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  1. Afaik, and what I've tried, the most newer games that are compatible with windows 7 are compatible with both 32bit and 64bit version.

    IE my norton gaming antivirus does support both 32bit and 64bit of Win7, but when it comes to XP, it no longer works.

    To make a long story short, I think that >90% of all application designed to work with Win7 works on both platforms.

    When it comes to your saved games, I'm quite sure it won't really matter if you would be able to play them depending on what platform of Win7 you use.
  2. Your save games can be used w/o a problem, you should be fine with 64 bit 2 gb ram, but it will definitely perform better with more ram, especially for gaming.
    Nowadays 64 bit os is common, and compatible with almost all softwares, i havent got a single problem with 64 bit os- So no worries here-
  3. Can't i use 64bit os with 2gb ram? will it very very slow how about pentium 4 in windows 7 will it be that sllow?

    By december to january i may upgrade my ram till then can i use it?
  4. But what heavy games are running on 2GB of Ram? To run heavy games you need 4GB of RAM. That is, using win7, 1GB for the Windows, 3 GB for the game. If you have 2GB, only ~1GB is left. Forcing Cpu to page file and causes misc.stuttering in-game. Ex. when grenade explosion you will experience stutters.
  5. Having already been there, Win7 64bit and 2GB ram is not a viable gaming platform. A lot of paging to disk occurs, to the point where many games are unusable.
  6. I'd say there won't be a difference, but for a little less performance gained. It's barely any difference between the 32 and 64 bit platforms except for the amount of RAM usable(which in your case with a 2gb ram installed would make no noticable positive effect). Stick along with a 32bit version until you increase to alteast 4gb RAM.
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