Fallout 3/New Vegas goes back to desktop for no reason


I've been having this problem with Fallout 3 and New Vegas where the game instantly stops and goes back to the desktop for no reason. Sometimes it would have an error message making me press Alt+E to end the program. I have a Core2Duo 2.93ghz, 4gb RAM, ati hd4770 512mb ddr5 card, and via hd deck audio(built-in on mobo), Windows XP Professional SP2. I get the problem with a vanilla game without any mods whatsoever. None of the fixes seem to solve it and both New Vegas and FO3 has the same problem. One notable aspect is that on both games, the sound tends to jitter like it's being scratched then starts to have no sound before the crash itself. I have updated drivers and have tried the ffdshow codec fix and even tried without having ffdshow on my system. Can anybody please help me? System Event Viewer doesn't record the crashes without the error messages so I don't really know what's the cause. I'm desperate...
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  1. Maybe you have a bad copy of the game. Try look for patches for the games. Those games are buggy, GOTY edition are quite stable. I used to have that Fallout 3 copy before and it tends to crashed on desktop and sometimes no sound but when I got the GOTY edition I never had the problem since. My New Vegas copy has no problem. You should upgrade that WinXp2 to Xp3 it might help, better yet go for Win 7.
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