I've got an XP Machine that really requires Cleaning of all Game Cache Folders - This user has hundreds of Caches over 6 years from playing online games. I don't have time to locate every individual Game Cache on her PC manually. Whenever she does any computer scans takes ages and ages to Scan through Documents and Settings cause of excessive Cache Files I believe. CCleaner and Glary Utilities don't seem to find all Cache contents for every/all game programs. Please Help!
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  1. I would try directory size, it helped me find 4+ gigs of useless files (burn folders with tons of stuff in them) there the link, its fairly easy to use pick the drive then click the big arrow and it should start to find you largest files, once you search, which should be easy folders with more data in them are larger so they should be obvious.
  2. Delete everything from that directory, or maybe a fresh install?
    Also add/remove should help a bit, try searching for "cache" and deleting the results.
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