Asus pc2000 i820

I recently made the mistake to buy this board. Why this is a mistake i will try to explain. It has the faulty mth chip and i have SDRram 100 mhz. I also own a Geforce anihilator. The combination of the two doesnt work to well in that when i i clock my system memory to 100mhz (the default) my computer besomes very unstable.
The Cpu (p3 600 klimat) uses a 100 mhz bus, so that cant be the problem. The problem has to do i think with the faulty MTH (memory translator hub. When i put the memory clock on 75 mhz my system runs fine oddly enough.

Does anyone know what i can do about this?
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  1. I just replaced my p3c2000 piece of [-peep-] with a P3V4X and all my stability issues and video problems went away...I should have sent this piece of crap back when they recalled them back in may or june. oh well, i'm 100% sure it's the mth problem and I learned a lesson to wait about 3 months after a new board comes out before I take the plunge and buy it.

    sounds like you fell for it as well. Trust me, replace the board with a better one that actually works the way its supposed to...
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