Slower Ram w/Faster Chipset

I am waiting for some good DDR SDRAM motherboards to come out Q1-2 next year, but my current one is starting to die so I'm buying an inexpensive temporary solution before I really upgrade.

I have a Slot-1 Intel processor so I'll probably buy an <A HREF="" target="_new">AsusP3V133 with VIA KX133 chipset.</A> This chipset has a clock of 133 MHz, and they say it supports 133MHz SDRAM.

The problem is that my current RAM is some dinosaur 66mhz SDRAM! :redface: Does anybody know if I can use my older SDRAM with the newer chipset despite the clock speed difference?

It doesn't clearly say whether slower RAM is supported or not on the Asus website.
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  1. Sparkplug,

    According to your link to ASUS, this board does not use the kx133 chipset, it uses the Apollo Pro 133 chipset, which has since been replaced by the Apollo Pro 133<b>A</b> chipset. I'd advise getting a motherboard that uses the 133A chipset, like the ASUS P3V4X. I've been running one in my kid's PC for about 8 months with no problems. I also have a Soyo Sy-6VCA slot-1 motherboard that works fine, too.

    It's your CPU that determines how fast to run your memory/FSB. What's your CPU? For instance, the older Pentium II runs a 66 MHz. memory bus. Maybe even some of the earlier Pentium 3's, too. (Somewhere intel changed the bus speed from 66 MHz. to 100 MHz., but I don't remember the dividing line and which processors were affected). If the memory and CPU work in your current motherboard, they should work fine in a newer one.

  2. That would be <A HREF="" target="_new"> this motherboard</A>. It's about $20 more on Pricewatch but seems that much better. Thanks :-)

    I have a Celeron A 433 with a sad little 66MHz FSB. Out of curiosity, if I bought this board and decided to put a 133MHz FSB processor in later, would it work with my 66MHz SDRAM? Can PC66 SDRAM be mixed with PC100/133?
  3. You're welcome. There are even some newer chipsets that can use ATA-100 hard drives as oposed to the ATA-66 max of the p3v4x. I think one of the newer Intel chipsets does and maybe even a VIA. You might want to post and ask.

    If you're interested in the p3v4x, there's gigantic forum at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> devoted to it. You'll see some of the ins and outs of owning it.

    I haven't mixed DIMM memory, but from what I've read, some modules will work together and some won't. You don't really know until you try. But, even if they work together, they will run at the speed of the slowest module. I think you'd be lucky if you got your 66 MHz. memory to run at 100, but I don't have any experience doing that.

    I don't know your budget, but memory is currently dirt cheap, relatively. Before I buy anything, I usually check out <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> to see whether the company is rated. I noticed that quite a few others also recommend it. The consumer ratings seem to be pretty accurate.

  4. Running the FSB at 100 or 133 MHz would require your PC-66 ram to be run out-of-spec at the new speed. I doubt you will get it to work, but if you think otherwise, its you money. Let us know if it works out all right.
  5. RAM is really cheap now, might want to have some PC-100 or PC-133 sticks of RAM by your side in case the 66Mhz memory can't cut it.
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