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Guild wars 2 or Catacylsm

Hey guys/girls.

Just a popularity vote for now and your personal thoughts thread.

What are you most looking forward to if you have heard or played in any part of the two games.
Guild wars 2 and WOW cataclysm

I find it hard to see the fun behind WOW any more, you have to pay for wow, then bc, then wotlk, and now cata to get to the max lvl, as well as pay your monthly fee. Seems hardly worth it. the game has hardly changed just added to the bogus non warcraft storyline, also just made it look better.

OR to my favor the brand new game to come GW2, it looks amazing, a whole new battle system a full dynamic world that doesn't stop evolving a world reliant story line, its a great MMORPG just from trailer's and reviews, as well as the one time payment for us Aussies for about $100 bucks.

I look at it this way.
WOW, Old but very popular, not the most visually stunning anymore, but has a massive community and a true money sapping game. And as many say the fun dosnt start until lvl 75 when you start raiding and all the pvp crap. I want to have fun from lvl one im sure everyone does.
GW2, New in every aspect, Looks so good i find it hard to believe a P4 can run it on MAX, and will become increasingly popular, many game stores have got this on preorder, and not even a beta date has been released.

Plz give your opinion, mine is one sided, but please tell me what are the great factors of WOW these days, (Note:) i did play WOW for a large period of time, before noticing the lack of variation in the game.

And dont attack me, just research the two games for yourself.
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    You're missing the other big competitor, The Old republic.

    I'm pretty much done with WoW, I have no intentions to pickup Cataclysm. This will be the first time I didn't pick a WoW game up at launch.

    I enjoyed the first Guild Wars quite a bit but I stopped playing around the time they announced GW2 because I figured I would just wait for that instead of wasting time with an old game. lol that was like 5 years ago.

    Have you never played WoW before? Because yeah that would be a huge investment for a lot of content that you would basically be playing alone. I'd wait for GW2 or TOR.
  2. hmm well if u want to see betas of the game im pretty sure youtube will help with that. also im a huge wow fan and its true the fun only starts happening once u reach lvl 75+ but on the other hand i would definately think it to be worth it i must admit that i have never played gw2 but i have seen the trailer and by the looks of it , it seems pretty good to me. all i can say is that WoW is a great game you wont be going wrong with it but if u are not very patient in waiting for the fun to start and if you have no friends that play wow i would say invest in guild wars 2
  3. Cataclysm at launch, then once I've been max-level for a few months I'll pause my sub and try Old Republic (once it's through the birthing pains of any new MMO, and the major bugs/exploits are fixed).

    Edit: Didn't mention GW because the graphical style of them is not really to my taste, so I've never felt the desire to give em a go.
  4. I had a long response to this but I'll give you my shortest one possible. As an ex-WoW player you'll come to understand the game that you so heard about is ruined and plagued by ackward mechanics, boring quest lines and the tedious dungeon grinding for this so called justice points. Choosing a realm/server is nothing short of a task and it can be problematic in the long run and the not all the expansion content (being removed in the latest Cata expansion). It'll serve as a leveling expansion only.

    Guild Wars 2 seems promising and from what I've seen and heard from the developers they are changing what an MMORPG should really be. This I like alot and look forward to it.

    Just FYI, if you're still using a Pentium 4 CPU setup I would highly suggest you look into a modest upgrade (that would mean replacing the motherboard) or just purchasing a new gaming PC in general. This will effect whichever game you choose in the future.
  5. Yeah i Dont Hate wow, i just cant believe the amount of people that play it, it lacks the variety for such a big game (uhm what animal should we make now.....uhh errr. *I KNOW* lets make another wolf. Uhm we already have heaps of them. Yeah But this ones Purple...OMG yes lets put that in)

    These days when someone says lets play an MMORPG, instantly WOW clicks in mind and that's as far as they go.

    i really hope ArenaNet pull this one of in the next few months to show us that and MMORPG inst Just WOW but a whole different story, and from reviews and staff.....they know this is going to be an epic game.

    And another + to ANet, they make stuff in blocks, (not like "u can create the map for here" and "i will build the map for a totally different area") its one block at a time, they ask US what we like, after all the arguments fuss and a final answer its implemented. If no one likes....instant scratch.

    The Alpha/BETA stage is almost about to tick over, and they recon the feedback they have received as it is now, is set to make a new standard. But to them at ANet, only 80% of the game is complete.

    I really cant wait. looks, sounds beyond amazing.

    (Edit: When there is a dragon in a game.....Its not a copy of WOW its a dragon, its a mythical creature, its in every fantasy genre. Same as orcs, centaurs, talking creatures, whatever. As this is a fantasy game you will find alot of this.)
  6. Never played WoW myself. Didn't want to pay a monthly fee. I would go with Guild Wars II simply because WoW has been going on forever and it would be work until you reach near cap level. Friend that played it said it was much better when it first came out. If you can get into it, I am sure WoW would be very rewarding as there are still a ton of things you can do in the game.

    I played many of those free korean mmorpg's. Fun to play in the beginning and then you learn of its faults. They're 50% massive amounts of grinding and 20% pay some money to become over powered, 30% understaffed and very repetitive. (note numbers are completely made up) I might try out Guild Wars II simply because all I've played are free mmorpgs.

    Truly a toss up. Maybe you should give them both a try?
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