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i have two systems with two different problems, Can anyone sugggest a reason/remedy?

1. Windows XP Pro SP2 Norton AV: Will Do an ASR bckup and creates a recovery diskette. When I try to create a restore point, Is says it's unable and to reboot. when rebooted, same problem, forever.
How to create a restore point?

2. Windows XP Home SP2 AVG antivirus: Will Do the ASR backup but DOES NOT create the recovery diskette, will create a restore point?
How to create a recovery diskette?

BTW; is the recovery diskette bootable?
Is there a better backup solution?


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  1. Im not sure if it will help but try to get offline and disable anti virus then try to make a restore point. The commonality in both of your questions seems to be the anti virus.

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  2. Refer to your 1st question. First make sure that there are enough free disk space on your drive. This is one main reason that XP does not take any restore points. The minimum disk space amount is required and specified in your WinXP Help & Support System Restore section (at least 300MB ???). I used to do a System Clean up before creating a System Restore point. Turning off any background applications that are constantly running in
    the background scanning the hard drives, such as antivirus, will certainly speeding up your System Restore process.
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