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The sims 2 installation problems


Can anyone help me please?

I installed my sims 2 on the PC but I wanted it to install in the "F" drive or the external harddrive but it forces it to go to "C" but my C drive is full and now I cant install another sims expansion pack. How do I get it to intall it in the F or external harddrive (even though I told it to install in the F drive it changes automatically to the "C" drive.

Please help me!

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  1. Are you trying to install the first Sims 2 release, or an expansion? For most games, it will force you to install the expansion to the same location as the original game.
  2. I have the sims 2,family fun stuff,glamour life,pets,night life,university,and open for bussiness installed in the C drive but it is too full now and I want to install it in the F or external harddrive but it automatically installs in the C drive even though I selected it to install en the F or extrnal harddrive.
  3. Like I mentioned: Expansion packs have to be installed to the same destination as the original game. You will need to free up space on your C drive.
  4. Ok I understand but is it possible to install it in the F or the other drive? because I tried when I installed everything from the start but it forced it to the C drive so I just went on with the rest but now I want to install the sims seasons, but I know I have to uninstall and install again. Is there a setting where you know for sure its going to the F drive or the other one.
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    you should be able to. i installed sims 2 on an external drive. if the installer asks for either a typical installation or a custom one, choose the custom one and it should allow you to change the install path
  6. Ok thank you so much I hope it will ask me that. what if it doesnt will I only be able to install it in the C drive?
  7. Can someone tell me if my sims 2 and all the other expansion packs will work on windows 7?
  8. Probably, yes. i have yet to find something that doesn't work on Windows 7.
  9. Ok thank you for your help:-)
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