Black ops = fail?

is black ops a fail?
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  1. i heard that its not optomised for computers n that the fps drops dramatically making it crap to play
    i was thinking of geting the game but should i rather wait for WoW Cataclysm
  2. Mhhhh, I'm happy I never rushed to get it. I hate people that wait all night just so they can be the 'first' to get their hands on a game, even if it is through Steam.
    Wait a month or two, any major bugs will be fixed.
    Wait half a year, then the minor glitches will be fixed.
    This is what I dislike about Treyarch.
  3. What is happening with the gaming industry? People pay good money just to get this game and here it is Lagging at your face, how frustrating.
  4. Take a look at these guys and take a look at EA. Most of their games have a lot of problems and shouldn't be released. Then take a look at company's that release games and don't have any problems. Some don't care for nothing but time lines and quick money. Must be frustrating for the people who actually make/design these games and have the company make you look bad.
  5. blizzard has always lived up to their promises in my opinion what do u think?
  6. Blizzard and ID software are the only 2 companies i trust anymore. Every other game i get there is some sort of problem with, which is extrmely said. The reason why they can get away with this stuff is becuase they have money.

    AVP 2010 = dead
    Lost Planet 2 ( I bought ) buggy as hell = dead
    Boarderlands ( Few problems, still problems ) = dead
    Black Ops = Dead on arrival.
  7. vusi_81 said:
    is black ops a fail?

    Black Ops= Mega, Colossal, gigantic fail!!!
    I wasted ma money for it on the PC :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou:
    Very badly optimized! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  8. Yeah, Blizz is great!
  9. Black Ops = Well simply put, it's BO. Nobody likes having BO, especially not in public...

    Modern Warfare 2 = Terry Crews' Old Spice odour blocking body wash. And while Old Spice provides 16 hours of BO blocking poweeeeeeeeeeer, go play MW2.

    But yes, they definitely did not dedicate much effort into PC, at all. They're taking on too many platforms now. Can possibly solved by a few patches, but even the online system is terrible.
  10. I still found singleplayer to be enjoyable at times. I hate Treyarch's always dumb as a brick AI...although their near perfect hit rate even at easy/normal difficulty.
    Was this a terrible game? No, it perfects quite a few problems with MW2, and it gives the charm of the other Call of Duty games.
  11. heard that a new patch came out apparently it makes the game 20x better but just a little lag here and there
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