Getting arifacts in call of duty 4

i got a evga 460gtx 768 ram , when i got it it alyed all my call of duty games, call of duty 4 and modern warfare 2 very well , even at 1600 by 900, now all of a sudden i try to play either game as soon as i try to start the games , i get aritifacts , purple lines etc.... i updated my drivers and still nothing, i tried putting windows xp at 800 by 600 then starting the game , same result.
Anyone know what to do? Is it the videocard? Just got it a couple of weeks ago. thank you for your help.

amd 3700
evga 460 gtx
4 gig ram
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  1. My question is. Have you O/C'd your Video card??? If you have I would drop it down to factory. If you haven't. the card may be defective and you might want to RMA it. If you have a friend. Maybe try the card in his system. Plus are you running the latest drivers.
  2. Agreed. If the card has not been overclocked, and you still get artefacts, get it replaced.
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