WHen i instal updates or Download games from blizzard they take very long sometimes up to 6 hours. I oped all the ports on my computer and router like it said but no change. Any explaination for this or ways to fix it? thanks.
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  1. First of all, make sure your Internet connection really reaches the speed you seem to think you have. Running a wireless connection often characteristically lowers the amount of data recieved and transmitted by your computer compared to a regular ethernet connection.

    The game size matter aswell, ofcourse. Downloading huge files through any downloader on a single connection to the server takes very long time if you run your network with a ADSL setup.

    You have probably already made sure that no one but allowed users use parts of your broadband, which in cases where the bandwidth is limited, lowers the speed for everyone who uses it.

    I'd suggest you run a tptest with a nearby server, to define speeds and latencies. Theese can often be found at the webpage belonging to your broadband deliverer. Post the results here
  2. what is a tptest and how do i run that?
  3. lol dude the 5 gig patch took me like 3 days
  4. is that the one for 4.0.1 and im still downloading it im at 93% after like a week or two lol.
  5. try to use these setting, trust me it worked for me i've been suffering!

    1st- u need to open ur downloader >Options>Downloader preferences>there r two options, unchk both..Peer-to-Peer Transfer(disable it)

    2nd-open windows run window and type gpedit.msc>Administrative Templates>Network>QoS Packet Scheduler> on the right side there is Limit reservable bandwidth double click on it and enable it then set the bandwidth limit to zero>apply-ok>restart your computer.....

    open ur downloader and get ready for the high speed
  6. ok i will try that and post my results!
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