Razer DeathAdder good for small hands?

I don't know if I posted in the right section but anyways...

I have small girl hands that are about 17cm/6.5 inches from the bottom of the hand to tip of the middle finger. I want to get the DeathAdder but I'm scared that it might be too big for me. I use a palm grip.

Also any other suggestions for small gaming mice around the 50-60 dollar price range?
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  1. Yes, I have small hands too, but they measure 7 inches in length. Don't worry, the Deathadder fits perfectly and is so much comfortable. My friend has a 6 inch hand but, yeah, it's great on ergonomics. If you want an in-depth review of the Razer Deathadder then you can visit my blog -

  2. I also liked the Madcatz RAT 7 as it is adjustable.
  3. Deathadder should do, also check razer imperator, lachesis.
    Got myself an imperator, its nice.
  4. Have the DeathAdder 3500 and it works great. Hands aren't so small, but my wife's are and she has yet to complain.
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