FF14 strange ingame issue

Has anyone noticed this problem? FF14 will run great during the start until a quest is finished. After teleporting to camp does your FPS drop in half..? I tested it, the game runs fine until I use teleport...Also I never lag inside the camp until I teleport back.
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  1. Yes I've noticed. The problem isn't really weird. It is because the camps are high population areas. When you teleport back from a leve, the server has to update your machine with a lot of information about nearby PCs. This, along with your computer trying to render the state of the game in the camp area, causes a huge spike of lag. You are lucky that it only drops your FPS in half. I have had issues where my character was stuck for a minute when teleporting to a high population center.

    The games code is in need of an overhaul; hopefully the upcoming "fixes" the devs have been talking about since the game hit retail are materialized soon. The UI and some issues in the network code will hopefully be resolved.
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