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Asus P2B Processors

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November 26, 2000 8:31:28 AM

I've got an Old Asus P2B motherboard that had a 300Mhz PII in it. I was giving this to a friend but wanted to get a faster CPU for it. Originally it was designed to go up to 450Mhz PII.

My question is can it run PIII's ok and what's the highest speed processor it can handle? The board is rev 1.10 and I don't mind tweaking it.



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November 27, 2000 2:31:30 PM

According to the Asus website you can only run the katmai core PIII's that have the 512KB of L2 cache. These processors have a higher core voltage than the coppermine PIII's (1.65V I think). The problem with the Asus board is that it cannot set the voltage low enough for the Coppermine's. You must have a Katmai Core.

I have been trying to find out if anyone has tested an Abit Sloket !!! with an Intel FCPGA coppermine processor. The Sloket !!! says it has voltage regulation control between 1.3 and 3.5V. This leads me to beleive that you could put one of these slokets and an FCPGA cpu into the P2B board and it would work fine. Not 100% sure it would work, but it might be worth a try.
November 27, 2000 7:47:18 PM

I made an expensive mistake when I bought my bro a P3 700 coppermine for his P2B. It didn't work, but his board was revision 1.02. I have heard that a board revision 1.12 and bios update 1011 will do coppermine, but I am not sure about version 1.10. The slocket idea may work too. I have heard of that being done.

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