Assassin's creed 3 (brotherhood):open discussion

so what do you think about the 3rd part of this amazing game? is it going to be better the the 2nd part?
and what do you think about the multiplayer?

the game will be released on 16/11/2010
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  1. hello splinter09,
    Surely AC brotherhood is far more better then AC2.
    AC brotherhood>AC 2>AC.
    AC 2 was having a lot of new features in it as compared to AC.
    AC Brotherhood is having a lot of new features as compared to AC2.
    And the multipalyer of AC Brotherhood is quite impressive.It has one of the best multipalyer.
    AC Brotherhood is an excellent game.
    N buddy if u r talking about PC then it is going to release on PC on Feb 11 2011.
  2. but there is no any improvements on the graphics..(AC2) had very nice graphics...but still we wanted to see something new...and the fighting style is the same
  3. hello splinter09,
    look there is not much difference between the graphics of AC2 n AC Brotherhood.
    They seem to be similar.But in fighting there are lot of new features like u can use crossbow n gun in between hand to hand fight.
    There is canon n a tank like machine through which u can destroy enemies vehicles.
    Now ezio can ride horse within the city.The area of the cities are now much bigger.
    Brotherhood system is quite impressive. Parachute is been introduced along with the flying machine.
    Now i come to the multiplayer,
    Every Assassins in the multiplayer has his own ability n tactics to assassinate.
    There are lot of new weapons in the multiplayer.
    I am sure u will enjoy by playing it.
    According to me it will be more better than your expectations.
    Buddy this is my point of view.
    N specially u will surely enjoy its fighting style.Its quite impressive.
    By playing it u will get to know its new fighting style features,
    Best of luck.
  4. why pc version is delayed?
  5. buddy,nothing is as usual.
    the games on PC always used to release late.
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