Logitech Rumblepad 2 or XBOX 360 Controller

I wanted to know which one has better support for games on the pc. i dont mind the configuration of the analog sticks. i just want compatibility. i had borrowed a friends wired rumblepad 2. most games i have work except GTA 4 and crysis.
prices of both brands are the same.
Also, is there any major quality difference between wired and wireless? Like connection issues or anything?
Overall which one would be better?
Thank you.
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  1. I personally use the wired 360 controller because IF a game supports controllers (usually the devs have the same childish attitude towards controllers as players do) then it will more than likely have a 360 preset out of the box.

    The bigger issue becomes if your fav pc game supports controllers at all.
  2. all the games comeing in the 2007 and ongoing

    are supporting the xbox one 100%

    so its the thing u should get

    i personaly have the logetich and it doesnt work on a several games like batman arkham asylum and a few more

    so learn from my mistake

    cuz im gonna buy the xbox one soon
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