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Eve online computer

Am wanting to build a cheapish computer to play EVE online at 1920x1080 (50" plasma).

Have never build a computer and am used to running the game on a 2.2 C2D Macbook Pro which struggles at low/med settings via a 20" second monitor.
Would this setup run it at low, medium or high settings smoothly?

Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz
XFX Radeon 5750 1GB

Many thanks
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    Eve on Mac doesn't run natively, but on top of Cider (the win32 implementation for Mac), which eats some of the performance. A comparable Windows PC would therefore run it a bit faster.

    I haven't tried running Eve in high resolutions. But I think the 3D lag depends mostly on what you display on screen any given moment. When I tried high settings on my current system - it's actually another MB Pro maybe 4 tiers below your specified system, looking at,2646-7.html for example - undocking from a station made the game a horrible slideshow, because the station model etc. were displayed. Once you zoom out it gets much better. I suppose lots of objects on the screen, even zoomed out can hurt a little bit, so if you want fleet fights you may need a bit more performance.

    Your specified CPU is quite powerful, and RAM is plenty. Eve is quite light as games go - I recall wondering at the client size of 256MB back in the day when HW2 for example was over 1GB at times... If you really want eye candy in your Eve you could consider putting more money into the 3D card.

    My wild guess is that you'd manage it at least to medium with that spec. But it depends quite a bit on what you do in Eve and what you consider smooth.
  2. cheers, I think I'll go for a sapphire 5850 vapor-x then for a bit more 3D performance.

    thanks for the help,
  3. Well thought i'd give a little update.

    I ended up breaking the bank a little so this spec easily runs EVE via dual screens (50inch at full HD and 20inch at 1680x1050) at full settings... lesser componets i'm sure would still run these 2 resolutions ok

    i7-950 3.06
    Sapphire 5850 vapor-x
    6gb kingston hyper-x T1 1800mhz

    with zalman 9900 cpu cooler and 3x 200mm 17dBA fans temps are 45-48C and its very quiet

    fly safe
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