Playing ps3 online using wifi from laptop

i have wifi signal that is great on my laptop 100% but when i scan my ps3 for the same network it say 20% or lower so when i try to connect it logged me rite off is there a way to play online without a modem and router
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  1. If the distance between the wireless router and the PS3 is greater than your laptop than the problem exists with your PS3's placement itself. Try moving it to a closer distance. If not:

    You can plug your PS3 directly into the router using a ethernet cable but that all depends on how far the distance is as well as if you're willing to to have a long wire running to both devices.

    If you're willing to spend a little more cash, you can purchase a WiFi booster to get a better signal strength or if you have a cheap-o router you can trash it for a decent quality router.
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