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OK, I've decided to get the Asus CUSL2 motherboard using the Intel 815E chipset. My question is, since the 815 has onboard video, can I buy an add-on AGP graphics card and use the output from the 815's video for a second output in a two-monitor setup? This would save me the expense of a dual head graphics card.
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  1. I don't think so: AGP is a port, not a bus (ie one device).

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  2. No you can't.
    You have to disable the onboard VGA controller in order to get the AGP card working.
    But in these days, you can buy the Geforce2 MX card with Twin VGA output. These cards are relatively cheap today...
  3. No you cant sorry the i815's chipset by default disables the onboard video as soon as you install another graphics card. This however is a good thing otherwise your performance would take quite a hit.

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  4. What about a (legacy) Voodoo 1000?
    I'm just be contrarian, but wouldn't that configuration work as those cards are strictly API Glide and occupy a PCI slot w/o utilizing an IRQ?

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  5. I don't think it would work but it may be worth a shot if you already had the card. I am strongly against using any onboard video that shares sytem memory myself, to date they have not made a good one yet. The major problem it competes with the cpu for bandwith while accessing the system memory. The only good onboard video solution I have seen was made by msi and had its own dedicated ram.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  6. i totally agree. onboard cards with shared memory reduce system performance, as well as reliability since this memory is directly accesible to either of them (the cpu and the graphics adapter)

    with CUSL2 i815e, you can have only one of the two, onboard or offboard display adapter. But all in all its good that you have a working system while you decide on what card to buy :-)

  7. yes, you can use the AGP slot.
    i have alternated between using the onboard graphics and using an AGP card.
    both work fine.
  8. SORRY!: I posted an incorrect message previously.
    I misunderstood your situation.
    YOU CAN, however, ALTERNATE the two (which means you also have to swap the CRT display cable).
  9. If you haven't bought the board yet, I would say get a CUSL2-C (no onboard video) and get a dual monitor output video card.

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