Best TV For Console Gaming?

Which T.V. specs would be best for gaming. By the way, this T.V. will be used solely for gaming on the Xbox 360. I need a T.V. with fast refresh rates, best display technique( as in LCD or LED) at over 50", thin, compatible with Dolby Digital 7.1 (or whatever is the highest now). I do not care if it has 3D (unless it impairs the quality). Please post general specs/ things I should look for, or simply specific TVs you think would fit my likings. No projectors, for various reasons. Also no budget. Serious answers please!
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  1. It looks like you already know what you want, so why are you asking what things you should look out for?

    You already know what size, you know what thickness, you know what type (LED if you can afford it, if not, Plasma), Refresh rate (120 hz if you can), and compatibility for 7.1 surround would just take an HDMI cable to a receiver for your surround sound system, right?
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