Black ops virus?

So I've been fooling around with Black Ops for a while, and then I got sick of having to be online or have a disc to play it, so I installed a crack... then my friend informed me that the crack might not be legal, :o so I got rid of it, Now, whenever I start up my pc, AVG comes up and says it found 2 trojans, in my appdata directory, one called blackopsp and one called blackopsmp. Also, two windows come up and say they could not start an exe with some random 5 digit code. I went to my directory and found those exes and deleted them, and the ones avg found, but THEY COME BACK EVERY TIME I REBOOT! :fou:
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  1. Hahahaahahahah.


    Well that will teach you a lesson, now maybe try downloading windows security essentials or malwarebytes or something like that and see what they can do with your "problem".
  2. Hey, yeah... I guess I learned my lesson... apparently there was a .dll from the crack that was left over that I missed... I got rid of it, and all is well... sheesh that was a scare...
  3. search for a FIXED IMAGE, that will solve ur problem....but probably still not out yet...
  4. I'm not trying to pirate the game... I already bought it. Thanks though.
  5. Delete the crack delete the game from you PC, and download it from steam. POW you dont need a CD! :)
  6. yea... just buy the game again. no thanks.
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