Core I7 920+HD5770=50 fps in F.E.A.R.?

I decided to play fear to kinda force myself to use the G13 pad I bought (thought it'd be better than lame kb/m for gaming) but when I play i'm getting like 50fps in some places. I' on the second level where you're in the warehouse area and i was getting about 45 fps. I went inside one of the warehouse and I was getting 50fps.

Some other places I walk I get 135 fps, so idk what the issue is. It's not like the frames drop when its alot on screen or a shootout is going on. It just seems to be random, sometimes i'm in a fight and the frames are over 100 and sometimes i'm just walking through a level with no enemies and its at 45-50.

I know the I7 920 and HD 5770 are not the top of the world but they should have no trouble with an old game like fear considering I get a stable 60 frames on some modern games like Batman AA, NBA 2K11 only drop to around 50 frames in heavy battles in Borderlands. Neither component is OC'd.

Anybody know what the issue could be?

Also I have an X-Fi Titanium PCIE 1x sound card but the options in fear to use hardware acceleration is grayed out. Can anybody help with this as well?
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  1. Nobody has an Idea what's going on?
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