What a bright idea!

Shanty town residents in Kenya use plastic bottle and bleach to refract sunlight into their huts:


I wonder if this will also become an architectural trend in the developed world. The people in the shanty can be lifted out of poverty by patenting this.
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  1. This is awesome! Great for developing countries.

    My immediate thought was camping or in my shed, I wonder how drastically you can change the shape and still retain that level of reflection?
  2. I don't know. But using 2L soft drink bottle seems to work very well and it is free!

    I wouldn't change the design.

    How about you post some picture if you have time to convert your shed to solar?
  3. But what do they do after dark?

    Still, some light is better than no light.
  4. They live in a hut so they don't have window. The bottle on the roof trick works during the day but I guess they have to use electric light at night.
  5. Or do what everyone did before artificial lighting - work from "Can't see to can't see".
  6. Very ingenious!

    Reminds me of the glass prisms used on ships to refract light below decks.
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