How long to keep unclaimed hardware?

Hey I just wondered if anyone knows how long you should keep unclaimed hardware for in the uk?

Specifically, I have a computer that I am repairing for a customer. He has since moved and I have been unable to contact him for about 2 months now.

Any help would be much appreciated.

(apologies if this is in the wrong section)

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  1. Well since you tried contacting him I'd say keep it
  2. I don't know the specific answer for the UK (I'm sure Brett does), but when dealing with customers you should always provide them with paperwork with a disclaimer about unclaimed merchandise.
  3. Max Collodi said:
    I don't know the specific answer for the UK (I'm sure Brett does).

    +1 ^ This is exactly what i was thinking.
    Brett is a moderator here and owns a few repair shops in the UK. I'd get in touch with him I'm sure he has some insight as to what the legal answer would be.
  4. Keep it
  5. you need to take legal advice

    as its a tricky area

    similar to if a tenant moves out and leaves property behind

    most landlords just bin it or sell it

    most of the time the tenant never does come back for it

    but if they do you could find yourself in court over it

    try citizens advice that way it shouldnt cost you anything
  6. Hi

    Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977

    UK law stated here is similar to that stated above at Citizens Advice web site

    Note minimum of 3 months must elapse after written notice has been sent to owner at the last known address

    You can not scrap the goods or give them away.
    you must try and raise some money, deduct repair costs, cost of selling etc and subtract from money raised
    if any money left over keep for a maximum of 6 years before it is yours

    There is UK specific legislation covering goods left on Public Transport or found in the street.


    Mike Barnes
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