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I have a Asus Zenbook 256gb ssd and i7. I want to dual boot windows 8 bc i have the "deal" to upgrade for 15 bucks. First question is can i even dual boot with the upgrade version ? and Another question is that i have a "windows recovery partition" it is 10gbs and it is completely empty. Can i delete it ? I want to free up about 50gbs for windows 8 to run on if possible please respond
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  1. Hello,

    I don't believe MS is going to permit your installing a completely separate version of Win-8, from a $15 upgrade from Win-7, Vista, or Win-XP. It's going to be used for upgrading over your present version.

    Are you sure the Recovery Partition placed on the drive by ASUS for factory condition reinstallation is empty? Unless you deleted it in the past.

    Go to Disk Management, and upload a screenshot of the Disk Management dailog box, so we can see exactly how the SSD is set up, what partiitions and free space you have, and if anything is in the Recovery partition
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