Black Ops config

Hello everybody,

My config:
AMD athlon x2 4000 + 2.1Ghz
2 GB of ram
CG: 9800 GTX 512MB

I must content myself to old thing until Christmas ... XD
What do you recommend as a parameter for cod black ops?
(Anti-aliasing, resolution etc. ....)

Thank you in advance ;)
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  1. Can't say for sure. Maximum resolution will be determined by your screen, but whether it will be playable is another question. Your CPU is holding you back considerably, so the 9800 will not be able to stretch its legs to the fullest. You will have to play around with individual settings to see what works best.
  2. ^+1 to him, also, black ops is very poorly optimized. I'd recommend Medium, and no AA if you have a res over 1680
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