Old RPG game Cant Remember Name

I been trying to find the name of this old RPG I used to play, but I can't remember for the life of the name. I'll describe what I do remember:

1) The game was basically a dungeon crawler, you start off in some village, then you headed up into some sort of dungeon and you basically fought your way lower and lower.

2) The game must have come out in the late 80's/early 90's because the graphics were pretty old. Your character was a human-male holding a sword. It was 2D, so the character basically looked like paper. You moved using the arrow keys. And your character can cast spells as well.

3) I remember after beating the dungeon, you go back to the village, and the village gets burned and destroyed (god knows why), so you were forced to head west into another village, but that's where the game ended. (perhaps I had the demo or that's actually where the game ends)

4) To fight, you basically just used the arrow keys to move onto the location of the monsters, and you'll see their/your health slowly go down indicating that they're hitting each other.

I know it's pretty vague, but hopefully someone remembers this game/it's name.
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  1. Sorry, yes it was a PC game.

    After a quick google search, the game looked similar to "Rogue".

    Is there a list of games that playout like Rogue?

    p.s I think the game I'm thinking of came out after Rogue, probably late 80's.
  2. could it be Runescape, classic? the have updated it alot, doesn't look anything liek the old...

    They still have a classic edition around, but it isn't the FIRST edition...
  3. Sounds like Castle of the Winds.

    Brings back some good shareware memories.
  4. Sounds like Eye of the Beholder 2 _ I used to play it
  5. Even sounds like Diablo.
  6. its may be world of warcraft.
  7. lol stop poking a dead thread...
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