Discounted Games.

Wondering where you guys purchase "downloadable" pc games.

I no longer dl games without paying for them, for a variety of reasons, but, I hate paying 40 to 50 dollars for a game.

So I have been using Steam and waiting until they put one of the games I am looking for on sale.

Windows is trying to compete with their new marketplace Hopefully they start a price war.

Anyhow, any sites you guys use for discounted pc games?
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  1. steam usually has some pretty good sales

    i also go on ebay, but you have to be careful about games that have used keys (aka no multiplayer...)
  2. I check Gizmodo's deals of the day page for the latest Steam games on sale as well as apps for the Android OS/iOS market:

    Steam is currently ruling the dlc market and I can see why.
  3. :) thanks.
  4. Xfire, also has a store...
  5. I use 'em all.. .lol =p
  6. For old games GOG is the way to go...$5.99-$9.99, they get them to run on newer hardware and they remove all DRM.
  7. carolindaj said:
    Can i use steam to download games.

    I do not understand you download steam games is how: (
  8. you need to download the Client,
  9. I use steam. A friend and I wanted to play Gears of war coop so we DL'd Games for windows live and started to DL the game. It was 10 gigs and took 5 hours! Then it took that *** another hour to install the game!

    Steam DL'd Black ops (16gigs) in 1 hour for me night before and installed in about 5 minuets.

    Bottom line. Games for windows live MUST DIE!!! Learn from my experience, never use it. Microsoft is evil, that software is evil. I have to sign into GFWL every time I start Gears up, it will not do it automatically. Microsoft must have thought to themselves "how can we make this service so no one will ever use this service more than once??"


    steam is pure win :)
  10. ... it really depends on their servers, and how congested it is.
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