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today i installed crysis ,when i click the game icon it doesnt work. i have windows 7 home premium with i5 and also ati hd 5650 with . please ,please solve my problem
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  1. is it win 7 32 or 64bit? Is it a cracked version of crysis or official?
  2. Try searching for the executable file by clicking the windows icon on the bottom left corner of your screen. Go to "All Programs" then search for a possible EA folder if not it could be under the "Games" folder (I don't have Crysis).

    If you can't find it that way, just try doing a seach by click the Windows logo icon again and then click the search box. Type a search query: "Crysis'.

    If all else fails, it could possibly be Crysis wasn't installed correctly and the icon is a dead shortcut. In that case you might want to try re-installing it.
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