Bad company 2 wont update

i just typed this before but it disappeared for some reason!??! one of the many reasons why i am realising that i f&!*&g hate computers.
i got one under the impression they are advanced enough these days to be easy to operate. Well ,i was wrong.

Anyway, what i wanted to ask is this:

Everytime i try to play BC2,( which was a stubborn old cow to install , just view my other thread!) it updates ,or attempts to update it .This never works, it takes 30mins to download then inevitably it says
"file not found. must be connected to the,try again"

of course, it is connected, otherwise what the f&!* has it been downloading for the past 30mins? anyway after that it says

"do you want to play the old version?"

No matter what you answer, the download and instruction box will both disappear!!

please help.

Moderators plz dont remove or im gonna blow my head off
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  1. Your downloader might be bugged, or you screwed something up on the install. Try going to your BFBC2 folder and directly clicking on the installer (I had to do this once when it wouldn't detect updates). If that doesn't work, reinstallt he game.

    What made it so difficult to install the game?
  2. First of all, sit down, take a breath, have a drink of water. Count to 100.

    Secondly, if it was a cow to install, then by the time you do get it working, it will probably be a "cow" to play as well.

    You should always compare the specs recommended for a game and your specs.

    Thirdly, I downloaded the game through Steam, installed it, played it without any issues, so check where you got the game from. If it's a cracked copy then chances are, it won't download updates due to scam checking.

    Chuck battlefield: bad company 2 into google and go to the official website, and see if they have a forum from there.
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