SC4 delux installs, but wont run... OS or install errors

I did a search and found a few threads with problems, but none i could find with my exact issue, so here goes..
My computer ran SC4 before i messed up my partition and had to start over, and by starting over i mean i deleted and set a new partition, formatted and re installed win7 64bit, to the best of my knowledge it is the same as it was previously, except this issue. also i believe my drivers are all currant.

I can successfully install SC4, both disks, restart computer and when i choose to run it I get the splas screen with a bridge on it and it does NOT go any further.
I also have the crack to run the program without the CD in my drive (I like to listen to CDs instead of game music) and when i click that loader i guess it is,,, the screen will go blank, then an error message pop sup stating "Unable to find game data, this is likely an installation or operating system problem"

I have tried the windows compatibility mode
I have ran the windows system file checker from command prompt; sfc /scannow and that, found no errors.
I have ran scandisk on restart, defrag, & ran reg cleaners, cleaned cookies, and everything else i could think of except putting in the Win7 CD and choosing repair option.

I did some research and found widescreen can cause issues, so I reset my display to 8 x 6 (respectively) and it didnt work. and lastly ill let you know I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sim City 4, 4 times now.

So,, I ask the experts is there anything you know of I havnt done, or should do differently... It used to work and now,, I dunno!!!

OH,,, 1 more thing, my buddy runs SC4 on his Win7 64 bit with no real issues, so i tried installing from his disks, Same errors..
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  1. Hmmm.
    out of the 30 or so people that have looked at this thread, NO-ONE, has any ideas as to what the issue could be?
    Seriously people,, someone here has got to have an idea worth trying
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