WHAT OLD GAME! Nobody Knows?!?!?!

I used to play this ridiculous PC game as a kid, it involved this dopey egotistic man who was full of himself who had a PDA and also a clever female assistant, named Alice we believe. The tasks I remember were adjusting the thermometer on some temperature on water for something and firing cows over a castle wall, it was really weird and I can't describe it well, but I just cant remember he name, I think the game was named after him like Ace or Flash something egotistic (not ace lightening) it's driving me nuts :P It was SOMETHING-man...

... I also used to play Dragoon, ahh so awesome :P
Many thanks if you can guess from that description XD
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  1. .....I heard you describe is familiar but can not remember what game it is
  2. The adventures of hyperman.....
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