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I don't think this is the correct sub forum, but hopefully I can still get some information. :hello:

I am looking into buying a new monitor for the computer I built last December. I plan on looking around for some deals on Black Friday or around Christmas time (if anyone has a recommendation on when to buy please feel free to chime in).

Here are my requirements:
1.) ~24" flatscreen.
2.) Needs to be good for playing games.
3.) Would like to hook up a Playstation 3 to the monitor to watch Blu-ray movies and play PS3 games.

I know meeting the first two requirements is no problem. But the questions arise for the third requirement. I know there are differences between a PC monitor and a regular LCD TV and I'm curious if trying to use a PC monitor with PS3 is a good idea or not. Any thoughts or links to informative articles? I've tried a bit of searching on the web in my free time but haven't really found much yet.

Thanks for your time

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  1. Yes the PS3 has HDMI.

    Doesn't the PC monitor have a different aspect ratio as compared to a LCD TV or something? Will this affect my game play in anyway with the PS3?

    Sorry I forgot one of the most important requirements; the budget!

    I would like to be in the $250 range or less.
  2. They do, but i've heard of people using moniyors... I really have no clue, sorry....
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