Console vs pc

basically asking to match up consoles to computer gaming
what are your opinions on which is better and why?
do you think console gaming has ruined pc gaming?
and is console gaming the future of gaming?
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  1. i don't think console gaming has runied PC gaming .... pc gaming runied PC gaming ... just look at the latest piracy figures for star craft 2 .... it hasn't even been out a month now , and piracy is outstripping actual sales 2 / 1 ... as time goes on we can expect to see those numbers increase ...

    Console gaming is the future of gaming because if the makers of PC games can't find a way to stop everyone and their mother playing for free , they will have no incentive whatsoever to develope new games ...

    Now do i LIKE console gaming ? not really , it's now 2010 and we're still using technology from 6 years ago ... rather sad really ... =but that's the only venue that still puts out a return on investment , so that's what we're going to continue to see ...

    thank you very much pirates ....
  2. The piracy figures can be taken with a pinch of salt - Every "download" is probably a connection, so if you download over 4 days that counts 4 times. In addition, only a tiny proportion of those 'pirated' copies equate to lost sales in any way.

    Personally I think both are going strong. Neither console nor PC is the future of gaming - it's a mix of both, just like the present.

    Consoles are (generic statements ahoy:) better for beat-em-ups and platformers. PCs are better for shooters and complex interfaces (e.g. decent RPGs, MMOs). On the other hand, consoles are better for physically present multiplayer and party games (split screen, singstar, guitar hero etc etc) but PCs are better for making use of modern tech. Consoles are cheaper to set up (assuming you have a TV), but PCs are massively more versatile and arguably cheaper to run (cheaper software, especially with digital downloads, more frequent, but cheaper, hardware upgrades) plus there is an enormous library of totally free gaming for PC (abandonware and shareware).

    Both have a place, and both have a future, very often in the same household. Which is best for any given individual will vary, and may well change over time and life circumstances, but both have their place.

    Has console gaming ruined PC gaming?
    Hmmm. No, but it's had an effect. Lazy ports are a nightmare - games which claim to be released on PC but instead are horribly programmed console versions with crappy gamepad interfaces (hello GTA4, hello Mass Effect's inventory...) that require a supercomputer to run.
  3. I agree with mockingbirduk on their opinion on console gaming ruining pc gaming, there is definitely an effect and a recent Tomshardware article stated that PCs are a generation ahead of consoles so ya thats going to have a huge impact on graphics and amount of detail/content in multi platform games.
    With regards to the Starcraft 2 piracy if I remember correctly those numbers were slightly skewed since Blizzard also used a bitTorrent downloader for legit copies of the game. Besides the minor details in the SC2 picracy statement, it does point out the piracy problem for PC game publishers which has made it harder for companies to produce games solely for the PC.
  4. price to performance the console win's. And still.... The Cell BE is one mega little chip to use :) have you seen uncharted 2? but to be fair i still like pc gaming, piracy has stabbed it in the back mind.
  5. I like PC gaming better. The graphics are better in most cases. The biggy for me is that you can customize the keyboard & mouse buttons. Most console games have a limited number of controller configurations to chose from and most none of them can be user customized.

    The only thing that has been pushing me more towards console (PS3) gaming for me is the ridiculous DRM that PC game distributors are using. That and because some game now require you to set up an account, i.e. "this game requires an EA account to play", which I guess is in effect another form of DRM.
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