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Xbox360(Jasper) VS Xbox360 Slim (Vallhala)

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Should i exchange my XBOX with Slim and would it solve the slight lag problem for sure?

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November 17, 2010 7:38:38 PM

Greetings to all the Xbox360 rangers aboard :hello:  ,

I own an Xbox360 (Jasper) (Slim Power Brick version) ARCADE with 2 wirlesss controllers and a 20GB HDDFrm abt an year now. It would cost me about $80 to exchange it with the Slim (Vallhalla) 250GB pack.

I want an advice: should proceed with the exchange or stick to wht i have.
--I dont care much for noise (I play games from the HDD)

--The current Xbox and the power brick does get Hot after playing it but it never rroded on me

--Some times the Games lag :cry:  (when it loads to many individual character like @ the hall in dead rising 2)--- I don't know if this is normal on HDD as well as direct play or not :heink:  . If this problems solves on the Slim il exchange right away but if it's normal then it's of no use. :pfff:  ..

--My xbox is still just like new as per usage and condition :sol: 

So guyZ advice me is the exchange WORTH IT or just a waste of money. If the Slight Lag problem is normal and slim would not solve it then i would never.

Waiting for intelligent replies ;) 

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February 10, 2011 3:16:27 AM

It comes as personal preference....
Do you game much online and are sick of the Ethernet Cable... get the slim
If you play Singleplayer most of the time then whatever
March 20, 2011 10:15:24 PM

There is no point on buying a slim if you already own an xbox 360. As far as wireless internet, you can buy an adapter for the old xbox 360s. and the slim will not fix any lag issues you have!

I have both the original xbox 360 and the slim
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March 27, 2011 8:03:04 AM

I think all of the older 360s RROD eventually... I know of at least 3 that RROD'd and were just straight up dead. My 360 decided to stop reading discs; I opened the case and fixed that issue, but about a half a year later it quit altogether.

Basically, all of the old ones are doomed to eventually give up. Getting a slim might save you the heartache of your old fat 360 dying for no reason months down the road.
March 27, 2011 6:38:04 PM

thanks for the responses guyz but i already sold my jasper 3 months ago @ a reasonable price and as soon as i got into the PC MW2 MP.. nothing pleasures me most ;) .
modz pls close the thread