Xbox360(Jasper) VS Xbox360 Slim (Vallhala) Discussion

Greetings to all the Xbox360 rangers aboard :hello: ,

I own an Xbox360 (Jasper) (Slim Power Brick version) ARCADE with 2 wirlesss controllers and a 20GB HDDFrm abt an year now. It would cost me about $80 to exchange it with the Slim (Vallhalla) 250GB pack.

I want an advice: should proceed with the exchange or stick to wht i have.
--I dont care much for noise (I play games from the HDD)

--The current Xbox and the power brick does get Hot after playing it but it never rroded on me

--Some times the Games lag :cry: (when it loads to many individual character like @ the hall in dead rising 2)--- I don't know if this is normal on HDD as well as direct play or not :heink: . If this problems solves on the Slim il exchange right away but if it's normal then it's of no use. :pfff: ..

--My xbox is still just like new as per usage and condition :sol:

So guyZ advice me is the exchange WORTH IT or just a waste of money. If the Slight Lag problem is normal and slim would not solve it then i would never.

Waiting for intelligent replies :bounce:

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  1. Hey guyz need a good advice plX.....
  2. Jaspers don't RROD that much (/ever) But hey, for £80 I say go for it, increased reliablitlity and built in WIFI plus an overall quiter console. The slim wont solve the LAG, because it has the same Hardware as the Original. So yeah, thats my 2 cents
  3. hahaha.. good advice budy.. any more advice.. ?
  4. This link might be useful, it was posted awhile back in news and gave some great info on the new 360.,10705.html

    New modifications / Hardware / power consumption and such

    Going with a larger hard drive...It should make room to install the game onto it and hopefully make some of those progressive loading times less laggy (maybe).
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