How to resolve 0xc0000005:access violation error?

i'm working with visual c++ 6.0 but due to some reason now the software is not working correctly....and application is getting closed......
the error message is generated that 0xc0000005:access code violation...
plz suggest me some solution for that...
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  1. Reasons could be -

    1. VC++ 6.0 is corrupt - in which case you need to reinstall it
    2. Windows became corrupt - you need to repair Windows 7
    3. Hardware error like faulty memory - you need to replace RAM in the computer

    Is there any other software that is giving similar error? If not then it is 1.
    Create a memtest CD and run memtest for atleast an hour (more if possible). If it shows error then it is 3. (
    Else it is 2.
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