Motherboard problems?

I am building my own system and just bought off of pricewatch an ASUS A7V mobo, AMD 900 athalon, and generic 128 mb of pc133 and bought a new tower with 250 w power supply from a local vendor. Well imagine my suprise to put it all together and it won't boot. It would power up the fan on the CPU and power led and then shut right down. THere was none of the diagnostic beeps. I checked the connections plenty of times and found nothing wrong. I tried the cpu on another board and it worked. I tried the memory on another board and it worked. I tried both on the other board and they worked together. I tried putting the motherboard on a anticonductive surface to see if some how it was grounded and still didn't work. I tried teh power supply and vid card all work but they don't work together. I had to come to the conclusion that it was the motherboard and sent it back.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Was there somthing else I should have tried?
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  1. Your power supply, probably. Most people find that with less than 300watt power supply their AMD system doesn't boot sometimes, has problems, crashes, etc.
  2. only thing I could think of is that you either didn't have the CPU in the socket well enough for the system to detect it...therefore it would not boot itself, or the memory dimm was in the wrong slot, or a cable was backwards somewhere. Those are the problems that I usually get when building systems.

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  3. Are your case and power supply "Athlon Approved"? If not, this could be your problem. Athlon systems have very specific requirements for cases and power supplies. You usually need a 300 watt power supply for an Athlon system, however, there are a few 250 watt power supplies that are Atlon Approved.
  4. you did right ! the motherboard was out of order ! It happens sometimes on asus boards, more frequently on other manufacturer. I got a similar problem with my new board, I changed it and it was fine.

  5. One thing to remember with the A7V is the way you power it. My Aopen H08 case has a suspend mode right from the power button. I normally plug everything into an APC surge protector and just hit one button to turn everything on. When I first powered mine on this way the fan came on for 2 seconds and then everything shut down. I went "what the ***" I had to hit my power button again and then everything popped right up. Just the way this ATX case is set up I guess. No big deal.
  6. Before you return the board if you have a 300W power supply
    in one of your other computers try that first.
    Athlons/TBirds like more juice in most cases than a 250W power supply can give.
  7. I hope this will help
    I think you were using the power switch on the back of the case. The one attached to the power supply. They will short cycle the power only then you need to switch on the case power and all should be well with the world.
  8. Dear storminJ Weve just had the same prob with A7V... first application of power to the PSU and the fans and LED came on for two secs. Subsequent applications of power at PSU give continuous fans on and motherboard LED on. Power sitch on front panel does nothing at any time. Supplier being difficult. Any progress with yours? regards ojmyster
  9. Thanks for all of the replies.

    To answer some of the questions as follows;
    I bought a new Athalon approved 250 W power supply.
    I tried all power switches couple times this includes a differant power supply and case.
    I tried the cables a couple different ways.
    So to take advantage of the 30 day return policy at I returned it and if they test it and it is bad they will send a new one otherwise send the old one backa nd charge me $35.

    I appreciate the comments and am patiently waiting for the MoBo in the mail.

  10. I coudn't evan get the continual fan on. I got so sick of trying differant ways.
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