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my computer keeps crashing and dumpping its files when i am in the northtrend and they say it is my Graphic card can somebody help?
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  2. Who/what says is it's your graphics card? Windows? Or a bunch of WoW gamers? Is it when you are at the loading screen going into Northrend or when you're just in the zone? Or both?
  3. Wow doesn't require an overly powerfull graphics card to play on basic/low settings. I leveled 2 toons to 80 playing on an Acer Extensa with ATI mobility graphics (which is a mere step above integrated I guess). Unless your video card is outright defective in some way I doubt it's to blame. I enjoy playing Wow so much that I upgraded to an Asus G72 with a 1GB GeForce 260M graphics card so I could play on ultra. I do notice a huge difference when playing.
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