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:bounce: I'm a old grandma, buying for my 7 year old grandson. I want to buy a monitor he can travel with 19 to 20 inch small and light weight.
Besides a lap top, will a LCD computer monitor work if not hooked up to the computer or does it have to be a TV.
I am not concerned about with best graphics or stuff like that. just portability.
Thank you so much for your support, I am as dum as I look.:o
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  1. A monitor is just that, a monitor. A TV can be both a monitor and a TV.
  2. Your question confused me a little...

    What you are looking for is a small, lightweight screen that can be hooked up to a console, and you want to know if a computer monitor would work, right?

    If that is the case, on most modern consoles there are various connections. If you want to hook up a console to a monitor, then I recommend looking for a monitor with an 'hdmi' connection, because both the xbox 360 and playstation 3 offer hdmi slots. Just be sure to buy the hdmi cable separately because the monitors usually do not come with them.

    Here are some recommendations from me:

    The Monitor: It is 20" and $120

    The Cable: $4. This doesn't matter as much, just make sure you get an hdmi cable.

    The hdmi cable transfers noise too, and the monitor has built in speakers, so he will be able to hear it.

    Hope this helps.
    And, if it is not what you are looking for... ignore all of this. ;)
  3. Also, for traveling alot I recommend putting the monitor in a pillow case, so it doesn't get scratched... other then that, go with what Devjiro says...
  4. Your 7 year seems awfully young to carry around a monitor with him, much less responsible with a laptop.

    Have you considered an Apple iPod Touch or a Sony PSP or some hand-held device?

    I would suggest an older maybe 2nd Generation iPod Touch because you will be able to find one for no more than $150 when the new ones are over $300. Beware they are very fragile, one drop on hard surfaces can crack the screen.
  5. lol dude, this thread is dead....
  6. It is now.
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