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Games for Windows Live; take the dive for Bioshock 2?

I use Steam and I love the deals they roll around with during the holiday seasons. However, Bioshock 2 is now on sale on Games for Windows Live for $9.99 whereas Steam still has it for $29.99.

Bioshock 1 was amazing and I know Bioshock 2 won't be as great, but most reviews give it a solid B+. Have any of you tried using Games for Windows Live and how was your experience with it? Is it worth buying Bioshock 2 on that platform?

No idea how long this sale is going to go on for. Still waiting for a sale for Mass Effect 2.
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  1. I have and regret it. I dl'd Gears of war to play coop with a friend. It took 5 hours to dl the only 10 gig game then another hour to install it. ALSO, you will have to sign into GFWL every time you start the game, it WILL NOT sign you in automatically. Its retarded and complete crap compared to steam.

    just get it on steam, its much less painful.
  2. ^+1

    Steam has really come a long way since its inception. GFWL is quite a pain most of the times! I have to use it while playing GTA IV and it keeps on popping update messages every now and then. I don't mind it when a software updates automatically and 'then' starts a game. But starting a game and 'then' having to download updates is quite a pain.

    As such, Steam has my vote over GFWL on that point.
  3. So it really boils down to whether I want to deal with GFWL or pay a $20 premium for Bioshock 2 on steam.

    I'll just wait and see what Steam rolls around with during the month of December. Mass Effect 1 off steam last holiday season for $5. =)
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    even if you buy it from steam, bioshock 2 will still come with GFWL
  5. Yeah I'd hold off buying any old-ish games for the next week or two. I imagine all the online distro's will be having huge sales coming up soon (I know steam ran mega-sales last holiday season).

    I personally don't have too much of a problem with GFWL...not a fan per se but for the amount of games I use it for I can deal. I find Blizz's Battlenet to be more annoying with regard to SC2 than I've found GFWL to be (although to be fair I've played SC2 a heck of a lot more than DOW2 which is the main game I need to use GFWL)
  6. $9.99 is a great deal that I wouldn't pass up for that game, GFWL or not. As someone else posted, you're still going to have to use it regardless of whether you get it via Microsoft or Steam.

    As for GFWL, I don't find it that intrusive at all, but of course, that's just my personal take on it. Everyone has their own opinions, so now you just have to decide whether it's worth the wait for Steam to sell it cheap or go for it now. My take is, go for it now since you will still have to install GFWL even if you purchase it from Steam.
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