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when does NBA elite come out scenc it was on daly
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  1. It has been delayed indefinitely unfortunately. there is no real news as to whether EA is planning to release it in the near future or not do to "Financial" issues.
  2. Its actually been canceled by EA, and has been for a month. After months of hiding the game, showing only VERY controlled gameplay segments, the Demo was so fundamentally broken, EA delayed the game. After giving development control to Tiberun (the Madden guys), the game was cancelled.

    Its also a possibility next years game will be canceled as well, so Tiberun will get a longer period of time to work on the game. More likely, they'll revert to the NBA Live 09 engine and shove a release down our throats, just like they do with Madden.
  3. Yay for yearly EA Sports Games! Good thing I only get Tiger Woods every year :)
  4. Not a big fan of NBA Live/Elite since like 2K8 or 9. But it always sucks to see people loosing their jobs.
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