I actually managed to make Fallout: New Vegas look pretty darn good!

So I've been messing around with my Catalyst Control Center settings on my crossfire 5870 setup. Ended up setting everything to the absolute maximum, Smoothvision HD: AA is at 24x Edge-detect, AF is at 16x, Catalyst AI disabled, everything else at QUALITY and AA at Super-Sample. Cranked all settings in game to the max and here's how a cave looks like:

Check out the ground, could pass for a DX11 =). Well character models still look horrendous and, well, pretty much everything else except caves, but hey, at least it looks nice when you're exploring underground. :ange:
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  1. If graphics are your thing then check out some mods. There are probably already hundreds available, and can really make a game great. With some of the mods I have downloaded, I made oblivion look this good. ;)
  2. Nice, go visit the underwater cave, missions in nellis AF base, splendid cave.
  3. Oblivion looks better when using Qarls texture pack 3 :)

    looks nice though.
  4. Yah, I notice an AMAZING difference in graphic quality with these setting while playing EVE Online.
    The mipmap option really makes a huge difference.
  5. I think these might interest you if your into pumping out the visuals.

    - NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3
    - Fallout New Vegas HD Texture installer
    - FNV Enhanced Shaders HD - Final Beta
    - Nevada Skies - Weather Effects BETA

    In this sequence to elimiated issues also you can ease up on the max settings so you can play smoothly.
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