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Hello Toms Hardware

I just heard about the OnLive service (I know, I am slow) and the new console they are going to be releasing, and just wanted to hear about what current users have to say about it.

I do have a few specific questions, but feel free to give me any general info.

1.) Will MMOs be available for OnLive? How would that work if you play on the console?
2.) What would be the advantages of getting the cloud console, vs. just getting the program for the PC or Mac?
3.) How is the OnLive vs. the 360 or PS3?
4.) (This question is hard to word): You get to play PC games on it right? So, does that mean someone playing with the onlive console can play online with people gaming on
a PC? Or does OnLive have its own online community? (Like xbox live or PSN)

I have checked out various websites and forums, but am still quite confused. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks :)
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  1. #4 is pretty much the one I am most concerned with.

    If someone is playing a game using OnLive (whether it is the console or not) Does that mean they can only play with someone else using onlive, or anyone playing the game?

    Still hard to word... Hmm...

    Lets say I am playing Borderlands, and not using OnLive to play it. My friend though, is playing it using OnLive. Would we be able to play together?

    I guess that is as simple as I can make it, anyone have the answer?
  2. yes you can play with people no matter on pc mac console ipad you connect to the same servers
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