HELP: Mouse cursor dissappears when in fullscreen mode


my mouse cursor dissappears when in fullscreen mode in Most games (Starcraft 2-WoW) but not in some others (Warhammer:dawn of War2).

it still remains active, that is, i can invisibly click on stuff. strangely there is a cursor oncreen in the lower leftside of screen that just sits there. this makes me think that it is defualting to another mouse or thinks another mouse is connected (in fact device manager shows a 2nd mouse is connected, i tried disabling it, but the phantom cursor still appears)

now, when playing games in windowed mode or using any other applications, my mouse cursor appears and works normally.

it is a new machine running Windows 7:pro
i5 650

GTX 460 graphics card.

also, the mouse i am using in a MS intellimouse 3000. the "phantom" mouse is a MS intellimouse 5000. i am using a wireless MS keyboard and the infrared port shows that 2 items are connected, but it should only be one- the keyboard. the 3000 mouse i am using has a seperated USB device....

any suggestions?
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  1. Does your cursor disappear only when you run Direct3D apps (i.e. games)? It seems in normal "windows" GUI environment it works just fine. This is a software issue, reinstall your gpu drivers (perform clean installation to remove all previous settings). Check dxdiag to see if there is any problem, download all latest DirectX components from Microsoft's website.

    Btw, you can not connect two mouses to a single PC.
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