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PS3 Backup

I'm looking for any suggestions on a way to backup my PS3 data with the hardware that I currently have. I'm replacing the 40gb with a 320gb drive, but the largest flash drive I have is a 16gb and don't have an external drive. I have a NAS, but it doesn't have the right USB ports to connect to the system... would I be able to use a crossover cable to connect my NAS to the ethernet port on the ps3, or does it have to backup via USB? Any suggestions? Suppose I could just pick up a cheap hdd enclosure from Fry's... Any thoughts?
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    You can only back up to things connected to USB with your model.(source:

    Maybe you know someone with an external you can borrow? Otherwise it looks like buying an enclosure would be your best bet. It depends on the content on your drive as well. If you have a lot of movies and music you can delete it assuming it is on your NAS as well and transfer it later? But in that case you are probably running a media server(Or should be!).
  2. Definitely running a media server from both my NAS and my desktop, but in order to get in-game music, I have to have some local music, as well. Ended up buying a Thermaltake drive dock. Should be getting it soon. Thanks for the response!
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